How to take care of your skin| Skin care tips

Importance of skin care

The skin is the largest body organ,and it should be taken care of not only cause of appearance but due to the numerous responsibilities it has.

Did you know that your skin says a lot about your health?A trained dermatologist can detect breathing problems,dehydration,hormonal fluctuations and many more health related issues by observing your skin. Skin care is important as it prevents problems such as acne and dark spots.

steps on skin care routine

Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is very essential in skin care because it determines the products you will use. There are four skin types;

Oily-These types of skin are shiny due to production of too much sebum(oil). If you have this skin you should go for non-comedogenic products.

Dry– For this type of skin you need moisturizing product like petroleum jelly.

Sensitive-If you have red and irritated areas which are painful when touched,you should avoid products with fragrance,and alcohol.

Normal-If your skin isn’t too dry,oily or sensitive you need hydrating products.

Cleanse your skin

Cleansing rids skin of dirt and allows it to breath. When cleaning you should use lukewarm water and a gentle face cleanser. Rinse then pat dry after cleansing.


Toner absorbs liquid that helps to remove excess dirt and also corrects the skin pH.Toner is important for oily skin and/or skin with acne as it prevents pimples.Apply the toner with a cotton making sure no part is left out.


It is believed that serum gives the skin a firm,smooth texture,making pores seem smaller and also increases moisture levels. There are different types of serum. The solutions of serum include Anti-aging,Antioxidants,Hydrating serums and color-correcting serums.


Moisturizers provide your skin with healthy hydration to stay soft. Moisturizing is important even for oily skin since a lack of moisture leads to more oil production for compensation.


Sunscreen protects against sunburns,dark spots and wrinkles. This helps maintain a more even skin tone.

Habits for a healthy skin

Drink plenty of water

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water is good for skin since water flashes out toxins from your body. This leaves your skin clear and free from dirt..

Eat healthy

Did your mother ever tell you that eating right brightens your face?…well,it actually is true.It has been discovered that Foods such as fish,avocados,and vegetables makes your skin glow while sugary,dairy and fried foods are believed to cause acne.


We all want to have a skin that glows. I believe that looking good boosts our confidence and other people’s first judgement of us. Skin changes takes a while to start showing hence,it is very necessary to be patient and persistent.

10 hobbies to take up during quarantine

Are you bored,..feeling like you are caught hostage in your own home?
Here are activities that will up your game as you stay home during this corona pandemic.
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Growing your own food

By growing your own food you get to decide what goes on your plants and in your soil,allowing you to reduce the amount of chemicals.If you have a limited space you can start your own container garden.You can also have a no-dig vegetation garden for your potatoes.


This is a good hobby as It relaxes the mind by getting you to a state where you are fully immersed in the present moment. It is also enjoyable, good for your hands and you can get creative and produce something useful


Get yourself an online class and step it. There are online classes for every type of dance and dancing will not only increase your flexibility but is a good exercise that will get you in good shape.

Learn a new instrument

Have you ever been interested in playing the saxophone?This is the perfect time to get the skill. It is believed that playing instruments makes one smarter,relieves stress,makes one creative and on top of it all it is fun.


i did not know how to paint or even what to paint, but i knew i had to begin.

Margaret Atwood

Painting provides a challenge and is good for creativity. Get to master the art of expression in painting as you stay indoors.

Learn a new language

Is there a language that you’ve always wanted to learn? Maybe Spanish…Well this is the time you get to have your chance. You can also get to know different cultures and it will help you understand why people do things the way they do.

Creative writing

Writing is a form of expression and you can bring your creativity to blogging or writing your own novels e.t.c…this is a time to challenge yourself! Well,you never know,maybe you will even get to take it to a full time job.


Developing a reading culture is important as it gets you to become knowledgeable,expands your vocabulary and language skills,imagination and it is fun. As they say, ‘they can take your materials but will never rob you of your knowledge and creativity.’


Become a chef at home. Try out new recipes,bake…make your family a nice meal. Everyone loves eating and the altruitism of cooking for others is good for you.


Ever tried doing things yourself? transformed an outfit…make home decor…There are so many fun things you can do.If only you get creative and learn.


Get a hobby and see how satisfied you’ll be. You will feel like you have something to do with your time even though you are home all day.

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